How to Set your Travel Calendar for 2017

When a New Year hits, the first thing I want to do is get busy planning my adventures for the year ahead. When you have limited time to travel, time is of the essence. I have a long Adventure List (the term bucket list is still too morbid for me) and I am always antsy to get through it.

This is the process that I go through when I begin to think about my upcoming travels…

Invest in a diary

I always buy a new diary/calendar. My current diary/calendar combo is easy enough to pop into my bag and take with me everywhere I go. I Google upcoming bank holidays and bold them in my calendar. Bank holidays are a great way to maximise leave and in the UK, we get eight bank holiday days per year. My diary helps me plot and plan the best times to take a trip. I pencil in vague plans so that I can get creative down the line.

Things that I usually take into consideration are:

  • Are there any special occasions that I want to mark i.e. Christmas in Lapland or New Years in New York?
  • Are there things that I need/want to be in the UK for i.e. a wedding or birthday?
  • When do the bank holidays fall and how can I maximise them?
  • Are there overseas events that I want to attend such as the Cannes Film Festival?
  • When is the best time of year to visit the place that I want to visit? July in Australia is a big no-no!

Consult my Adventure List

At home I have a big notepad called ‘My Adventure List.’ I fill it with absolutely anything and everything that I want to do with this one precious life of mine. When it comes to travel, there are certain places that I am more eager to experience than others such as Rome, Thailand and Peru. I jot these all down in my Adventure List and tick them off when I’m done. It gives me a real incentive to get my ass in gear and experience life. My dreams are written down and not just vaguely floating about in my head. I have a look and pick off a few places that I want to make a reality this year.

Change your desktop

I might be hankering to visit a place for a long time. At my previous job, I daydreamed of Thailand for a year. I saved up enough over two years of working and off I went. So how do you cope with working hard whilst your heart hankers for foreign shores? You make the most of where you are in the now but you make sure that your dream is always on your periphery. I changed my desktop picture to James Bond Island to keep myself motivated. My password: Thailand123.

So what do my travel plans look like this year?

  • January – New York
  • March – Rome
  • April – Indonesia
  • May – Las Vegas
  • September – Cyprus

If possible, I’ll be adding a few more trips as well!

So, where have you gone this year and where are you aiming to go next?

Lots of love,




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