11 Halloween Worthy Holiday Destinations

New Orleans

Birthplace of esteemed vampire author Anne Rice, New Orleans is a city of ghosts and ghouls. Whether you embark on a voodoo tour of the city, enjoy the Halloween parade on Frenchman Street or simply enjoy decadent deep South eats, New Orleans is synonymous with Halloween and brings a certain flair and fire to proceedings.


London is a pretty witchy destination. Firstly, we’ve got the perfect weather to generate that desperate atmosphere. Secondly, we’ve got a history of witches being burnt at the stake, haunted castles and mysterious serial killers (Jack the Ripper anyone?) London is an ideal Halloween destination which churns out endless Halloween nights and celebrations.


The home of Halloween, here you can enjoy a Halloween party in Dracula’s Castle. Interestingly, Romania is both picture-perfect and largely underexplored as a travel destination generating just the right amount of mystique and intrigue. Who knows who you may meet or what experiences you may have?


Home of the Salem witch trials, Halloween is woven into the very structure of Massachusetts. Twenty-six people were put to death here after being accused of practicing witchcraft in the 16th century and you can feel the history and embark on a guided tour of notorious hotspots as well as witches’ circles and re-enactments. This one might be for the more hardcore Halloween fans…


Mexicans label Halloween the ‘Day of the Dead’ and celebrate for three days straight! They believe that the spirits of the dead return for three days every year to see their living loved ones. Celebrations vary from intimate chanting and family gatherings to full blown sugar skull parades! You’ll need stamina for this one…


The Irish refer to Halloween as ‘Samhain Night’ and it traditionally represents the end of harvest. It is believed that this is the time when the dead return to earth. Although all of Ireland celebrates Halloween in style (as they do with any other festivity), Derry City is renowned for putting on a show stopping display which includes a Dragon Safari.

Sleepy Hollow

The legend of the headless horseman abounds in Sleepy Hollow and has been bought to life in many on screen adaptations. The inhabitants enjoy many other Halloween staples including the Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein’s Monster and the Mummy. Let’s just say this little town isn’t so sleepy after all…

New York City

New York does things in a big way which is why Halloween lovers flock here on an annual basis. Again, the weather perfectly represents the creepy mystique of Halloween whilst the endless pubs, bars and parades are bound to entertain. If you think big cities can’t do Halloween in the same way as sleepy and sinister towns, you’d be wrong. The whole of Manhattan is shut down for a notorious parade and all are welcome.

Los Angeles

LA has brought many a scary story to the screen making it the perfect destination for film fanatics who want to watch their favourite horrors in the city that made them. Whether you are a fan of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw, Rosemary’s Baby or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, LA has the screenings and brings the screams.

Hong Kong

When you think of Hong Kong, Halloween doesn’t immediately spring to mind but as an international hub, Hong Kong celebrates Halloween better than any other country in Asia. Here you can enjoy two particular events, Yue Lan (otherwise known as the ‘Festival of the Hungry Ghosts’) and the Halloween Bash. The second is the more international of the two. 


Japan generates wickedly dark horror fare, many of which have been reinterpreted for Western audiences. The slick and sinister style that Japanese filmmakers are known for has captured the minds of many. Japan in winter can be an unusually spooky place and ideal for horror lovers with a taste for the unknown.

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