Some of my favourite New Zealand eats…

I’ve always loved food. Food makes me happy. It’s a pleasure. I can’t eat when I’m stressed, anxious or afraid, but if I’m in high spirits, food, pretty much any food, is back on the menu. I was pretty fussy as a kid but nowadays there’s not much I won’t eat. I still have a few no no’s that are largely popular with most other people. I’m not fond of custard, shellfish, gravy, fatty bacon or mushrooms. There are probably a few other things I’m neglecting to mention as well…

One of the things I enjoy most about travelling and being abroad is the opportunity to try new food. In Vietnam, I was free to devour bowlfuls of pho and in Thailand I demolished platefuls of Pad Thai, the nation’s favourite dish. New Zealand is not notorious for its unusual cuisine. Much of its fare can be found at home but there is still the opportunity to eat at new restaurants and unheard of chains. Of course you get the regular culprits; KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonalds but there’s plenty of novelties to wrap your tongue around.

Here, in picture form are some of my favourite NZ eats and possibly part of the reason why I gained around a stone whilst I was there (it was worth it).


Blunderbuss pizzas are absolutely exquisite. As well as being MASSIVE (the photo doesn’t quite do the pizza justice) and chock full of deliciousness, these pizzas are designed to be healthy alternatives to mainstream pizza chains. When you are someone who loves pizza as much as I, healthy pizza is an exciting prospect.


Shoestring fries also from Blunderbuss, seasoned with a generous sprinkle of salt and a yummy aioli condiment. Shoestring fries are so named because they are slimmer than thicker cut chips.

We took a Sal’s pizza to the beach and absolutely annihilated it. 4 slices each, a monstrous amount of cheese and a thick crust = heaven.


Mexicali burrito and nacho salad complete with Steinlagers of course. We ate these by Princess Wharf, near the Hilton Hotel in Auckland city over Christmas.


Corelli’s, located in Devenport, is one of my favourite finds. It’s very low key, quaint and the food is amazing.




Daikoku is an internationally renowned Japanese restaurant where fresh food is made before your eyes with an interactive experience. Each table or party is provided with their own chef.

Ragazzi Takapuna is amazing; this was their take on bruschetta. The avocado, olives and juicy tomatoes on crisp bread accompanied with a side salad was top nosh.

So these are some of my absolute favourite NZ feasts – I sure will miss it!

All my love



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