10 Things To Do When You’re Bored & Dreaming of Travel That Will Bring You Closer To Your Goal

  1. Look at a map or globe. Let your mind wander to unusual destinations that may not have crossed your mind previously.
  2. Ask your friends where they are going next. Can you piggybank onto their adventure?
  3. Look up intriguing festivals, gigs or events that you’ve always wanted to go to such as the La Tomatina festival in Valencia or the Burning Man in Nevada.
  4. Think of an experience that you’d really like to have. It may involve volunteering, teaching, tasting new foods or immersing yourself in a particular culture.
  5. Watch a film or read a book that transports you to your dream destination. Eat, Pray, Love may conjure images of Bali, Ab Fab of Southern France, Lord of the Rings of New Zealand and Call Me By Your Name of summer romance in Italy. These are all examples that motivated me in real life.
  6. Consider a feeling that you’d like to experience. Adjectives that might pop to mind might include passionate, challenged, happy, excited or transfixed. Follow the feelings…
  7. Make a travel board. Add anything that inspires, encourages or motivates you. This visual cue can help get us going and focus our intentions.
  8. Read blogs or watch YouTube channels that focus on travel. Make travel part of your regular radar.
  9. Begin learning a new language which may assist you when you get to your dream destination.
  10. Start a course that could assist you with work overseas. TEFL qualifications are a good place to start if you are interested in teaching. Other options might include digital work such as blogging, conservation and roles that are in demand elsewhere in the world i.e. nurses and plumbers.

All my love



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