How To Make Travel Plans For 2018

A New Year means new opportunities to travel. I’ve never been a New Years person. I’ve always thought that New Years Day is just another day, and it is. But it’s also a day when you can put a line under the events of 2017 and start fresh for 2018. Of course, you can do these little resets anytime, but New Years is the only time when we can do this collectively and it’s one of the few times (if you are based in England like I am) when the weather is bad enough that you’ll actually WANT to sit and think of resolutions.

I always look at a New Year as a fresh opportunity to make some travel plans. If you’re like me and your goal is to squeeze in more travel, here are some things that I do and that you might like to do, to get the ball rolling.

  1. Get out the travel board

I have a white board at home. No, I’m not a reception teacher. On this board, I write out places that I really want to see in the coming year. This gives me a point of focus. I find that if something is visible, I am more likely to do it or dedicate time to it. If my trainers and gym gear are out, I’m more likely to put them on and go to the gym. If my laptop is on the desk, I’m more likely to turn it on and do some writing. As visual creatures, we need to keep the things that we are passionate about visible. I then put my board up in my room so that I can see it every day. This keeps me conscious of the fact that travel WILL feature in the year ahead.

2. Change my work desktop image

Once I’m back at work, I change my desktop image to an image of the next country I am visiting or intend to visit. Again, this serves as a visual cue and keeps me motivated in terms of saving/research.

3. Get out that 2018 diary

I always buy a new diary for each year and use it to plot out bank holidays, important events or suitable times to go away. This is my bible. Some plans don’t come to fruition, some might just be possibilities or options. I find this approach really helps me think about and plan my time accordingly. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be spontaneous but I know for me that things are more likely to happen if I make a plan. As well as obvious occasions that you may wish to mark such as birthdays and anniversaries, I like to pencil in things that I have a passing interest in such as festivals, film releases, gigs or award ceremonies. It can be anything. Even if it is highly unlikely that you’ll go (ticket to the Oscars please), it doesn’t hurt to keep things on your radar.

4. Update the Adventure List

This whole blog revolves around the concept of the Adventure List. It’s my way of trying to make the most of life and of making time for my passions and dreams. I take some time to tick off things that I’ve achieved (this always makes me feel good) and to add new places that I want to see. This gives me something new to aim for.

5. Look for deals

Lots of companies do deals and promotions in the New Year so if you have your heart set on a particular place, you can pick up some big monetary savings.

6.  Check in with your friends

If you are looking to travel with friends and family, check in on their availability. Do you have any travel dreams in common that you can marry up this year? The beginning of the year may be a bit early but it can get things started and give you the chance to save.

7. Budget

If travel is part of your plan, then you need money and making a budget for the year ahead helps you understand what is practical and achievable for you. Draw up a list of what you spend money on (maybe a daily coffee, weekly work drinks or a monthly dress) and see what you can cut that will give you bigger travel funds. The budget can be as watertight or as loose as your circumstances allow but it’s crucial to put some focus on this area. After all, without money, there can be no travel.

So, those are the things I do to help get into the travel zone. I’m off on a safari with G Adventures in February and the rest of the year is open so far. I have some plans in mind but I’ll update you on these as they become solid.

What do you do to get into the travel mindset? Where do you want to go this year?

All my love



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