You’ve got to have the experience, whatever comes after…

Humans are logical, practical beings. We like to have things all planned out. We like to know that A leads to B and that B leads to C. When we can’t see what’s coming over the horizon, if we can’t see the D, E, F or G, then we begin to worry.

But what if we just had the experience, without worrying about what came next?

The experience alone is enough

Not every experience that we have leads neatly to something obvious. My experiences volunteering hasn’t led to me working with animals, although I do sometimes think about pursuing a career in this area. Sometimes the experience itself is enough.

Life is a series of experiences and moments

When you look back on a particular time in life, you might see how one stepping stone led to another, but at the time, you rarely do. Life is a chaotic, mad spattering of experiences, events and moments. The meaning you find in how they fit together is completely down to your own subjective experience.

Sometimes the random moments mean the most

There are the big things in life, the marriages, the children, the degrees, the homes. But there are also the more random things.

The night you stayed up all night on the beach.

The day you stumbled across a deer in the wild.

The conversation you had with a long-lost love years later.

These random moments that may lead to nothing, can be powerful in our hearts and minds. They can also teach us more about ourselves than the big things, sometimes…

You never know what can come from saying ‘Yes’

When you say yes, instead of no, you open yourself up to a possibility. The more you say yes, the more doors you open. This doesn’t mean that you need to say yes to everything, especially things that you really don’t want to do, but by experimenting with the ‘yes’ word, you may find that your whole world changes. Of course, it can be equally important to learn to say ‘no’, especially to things or people that are draining, irritating and unproductive.

Live in the now

Trusting your instincts in the now is really the only way to live. We can’t know how things will pan out in the future but what we do now can impact it for the better.

All my love



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