The three essential traits for travel

Hi all

I apologise for the lack of writing recently. Life has a habit of getting busy and I always have blogs pinging around in my brain.

I’ve written before about the traits that make a traveller but there are three particular traits that I want to talk about today. They are so essential, not just for travel, but for life in general. When travelling, they are extra handy because you will often be in situations that will spring you out of your comfort zone.

An open mind

An open mind is just so, so important in travel. Things never go quite to plan and there are things that you simply cannot prepare for. Your travel reality may be very different to glamorous, photoshopped images that you see online. There are endless gritty realities that form part and parcel of the travel package: long drives, malaria tablets, long haul flights, a looser concept of time and mosquitoes amongst other things. Travel forces you to live in the now, even if you don’t ordinarily do so in day to day life.


Curiosity keeps us childlike and opens us up to fun, exploration and opportunity. If you can be curious about the place you visit, it’s food, customs, cultural norms and language, then you’ll find yourself engaging with it. You may not like what you discover but the lessons will still be invaluable. I think curiosity is the trait that gets us to say ‘yes’ to things in life.


Travel rarely goes exactly to plan. You can read this blog entry if you want to see how things have not always gone to plan for me. Whether it’s getting sick, being exhausted, not being able to find a room, running out of money or losing your passport, things may happen that you are not prepared for. Being adaptable is being prepared (as much as possible) and then being able to be flexible and adjust when things go off on a tangent (whether that tangent be good or bad.)

Adding these traits to your travel arsenal will make a huge difference to how you travel. If you can hold onto them when you get back home, they will make an impact to your reality too.

All my love




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