Vegan restaurants in Nice or, ‘How to be a good vegan in the land of meat and cheese’

France is famed for it’s cheese and meat culture, so the idea of finding vegan fare might feel fairly foreign. Don’t fret, the vegan scene is beginning to grow and find it’s feet in Nice. Although I am not strictly vegan, I am trying to make more vegetarian and vegan choices. A quick Google search revealed that there are a handful of restaurants that specialise in vegan cuisine, and others that offer vegetarian/vegan alternatives to the main options on the menu. Although I didn’t manage to get around to eating at all of them, I did manage to track down two that offer absolutely to die for options whether you are a staunch vegan or just fancy dipping your toes in the water…


11 Rue Francois, Guisol, 06300 Nice

+33 6 71 48 25 14

 Badaboom is run by a husband and wife dream team, who conjure up absolutely delicious food combinations that taste the part. As well as looking beautiful, their food is wholesome and nutritious and you can feel your body smiling as you eat it. The menu is in French but staff are happy to explain the options in English and are very friendly, offering you bread and hummus whilst you wait. The menu is varied but focuses on ingredients that are fresh and seasonal. As such, even ordering the same plate on a different day, can bring with it subtle and intriguing variations. The hummus is onion and garlic free and for dessert, there are spirulina and goji berry cakes that are to die for.


^ Above is the salad complete which is absolutely to die for. I wasn’t sure of the vegetables in the lettuce leaves at first, but trust me, they were delicious.


^ This is the same salad ordered on a different day. As you can see the radishes have been replaced by spicy peas and strawberry is now involved too!

spirulina cake bada

^ This little spirulina cake is delicious. For those of you that have tried spirulina, you’ll know that it’s not the tastiest ingredient and makes smoothies extra dark. Don’t fear when it comes to trying this cake, as it’s absolutely delicious and the ‘classic spirulina’ taste is absent.

KOKO GREEN Vegan & Raw Food

1 Rue de la Loge, 06300 Nice

+33 7 81 63 14 88

KOKO GREEN is a tiny eatery that is constantly bursting with people. Hugely popular, you’ll want to make sure you book a table as tables get reserved in a heartbeat. KOKO GREEN produces vegan twists on favourite dishes, such as sushi, where broccoli and cauliflower substitute white rice, and aubergine cannelloni. Other options include kimchi pancakes with aioli, vegan pizza and vegan tacos, as well as juices and desserts such as caramel slices and passion fruit cheesecake. The menu changes as ingredients are fresh and seasonal, so there is often the option between two starters and two mains. Even with choice taken off the table, everything tastes so good that it’s almost impossible to decide. Their food is seriously orgasmic. A common misconception people have about vegan food is that it must be bland or uninspired, but it’s the exact opposite here, proving just how extravagant, decadent and delicious vegan options can be. The popularity of the place speaks for itself. Watch out as there may be a cookbook in future.

koko green menu

^ The menu. As you can see, there are two options to choose from when it comes to starters and mains. Great news for the indecisive eater!

canneloni koko

^ The cannelloni. Insanely good…seriously, there are no words.

sushi koko^ It’s hard to imagine sushi without fish and white rice. They are the staples of sushi after all! This dish rivals traditional sushi. It’s just so damn good and somehow they’ve managed to replicate the ‘fishy taste’ that hard core sushi fans crave.

juice koko

^ The green juice option. I have a green juice most days so why break the habit of a lifetime?

caramel slice koko

^ The caramel slice. Who said vegan had to be boring?

Other vegan options untested by me include the following:

Caju Vegan

2 Rue Sainte-Claire

Vegan Gorilla

7 Rue du Lycee

 Restaurant Alounak Vegetarian Vegan & Mediterranean

3 Rue d’Alsace-Lorraine

 Paper Plane

14 Rue Gubernatis


1 Place Grimaldi

It’s great to see that Nice is stepping up and embracing the appetite for vegan food options. If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere.

All my love






















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