A feast at Farmacy

On my quest to eat more Vegan and Vegetarian food, I found a vibrant Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant in Notting Hill that I absolutely must share with you guys!

The correlation between food and medicine has existed since Hippocrates said, ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’

We know that when we eat a healthy and nutritious diet, we maximise our bodies ability to heal itself. Eating well is a huge component in enduring health.

It’s a great feeling to walk into a restaurant and know that everything on the menu is good for you, that you can enjoy something both delicious and fundamentally good for you. I also find it exciting to see how different ingredients are combined to kickstart my own curiosity and experimentation in the kitchen.

Here are various things I’ve tried on my two visits there so far.


One of Farmacy’s gimmicks is their syringe shots. Each shot is given a title based on what its particular fusion of ingredients purports to assist with. Examples include Antidote, Melt Away and Fire Starter. I chose Beautify, which contains goji berries, shizandra berries, silica and aloe vera. The shot is delivered in a syringe that you inject into a shot glass.

Artichoke Pizzetta


This is a starter that you can share, but you can also order it as a main as it’s filling. Served on sourdough bread with a tomato and artichoke sauce, macadamia herb ‘cheese’, olives, capers, spinach and cherry tomatoes, this is so delicious and a healthy alternative to more indulgent pizza.

Mac ‘N’ Cheese

I didn’t order this but stole some from a friend’s plate. Made from rice pasta in a truffled ‘cheese’ sauce and sage crumble, this feels like a hearty, heavy dish, but healthier.



Since my trip to South Korea, I love kimchi. Supposedly, adding more fermented foods to your diet is encouraged. A side order of kimchi (fermented cabbage) is surprisingly zingy.

Loaded vegetable quesadilla


To be honest, this was not my favourite item on the menu. It’s a chickpea tortilla filled with macadamia ‘cheese’, seasonal vegetables and root green sauce. I found it too heavy on the tortilla and not big enough on the vegetables.

Raw chocolate tart

I have a sweet tooth and trying to resist my urge to constantly give into my sugar cravings is hard work. The raw chocolate tart is naturally sweetened with dates and served with vanilla coconut nice cream and chocolate crumble.

Warm chocolate chip cookie


There are few things as comforting as warm chocolate chip cookies, but this is a healthier option with a side of almond milk and cinnamon to enjoy. You can meet your need for an indulgence whilst still making a healthy choice.

Farmacy Hot Chocolate


I’ve never been a hot chocolate fan. I eat my chocolate rather than drink it, but after discovering cacao, the Farmacy Hot Chocolate was right up my street. Cacao is packed with antioxidants and very energising. If you’re feeling tired, an almond milk/cacao smoothie is a great alternative to an energy drink. Containing cacao, coconut milk, cacao butter, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg topped with homemade whipped cream.

All my love



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