Walk in the woods with Animals Asia

My mum regularly donates to Animals Asia and I’ve become more aware of the good work that they do through her. Animals Asia frequently hold fundraising events, one of which was the walk in the woods. Combining exercise with a good cause is always a way to pique my attention!

Held on August 18th, we merry walkers met at the Drift Inn before embarking on a 10k circular walk of the New Forest, led by guides from Fuzzacker Guided Walks, who provided us with endless facts and anecdotes about the area.

The story behind bear bile farming is a tragic one. In China and Vietnam, beautiful moon bears are farmed or ‘milked’ for their bile for use in traditional medicine. The bears are kept in claustrophobia inducing cages, in which they are often unable to stand or turn. Some bears are placed in cages as cubs, and spend their life’s in captivity. As a result, many of the bears are stunted. Many bears are caged for up to thirty years, taking a harrowing toll on their physical as well as mental and emotional health.

Bile is extracted in various ways, often leading to infection. Bears are starved, dehydrated and often diseased and littered with tumours, which not only contaminates their bile, but triggers premature death. Bears that are too old or unwell and unable to produce bile are often left to starve to death in their cages.

Being able to unite with other animal lovers and get to know each other whilst exploring the beautiful New Forest was a truly wonderful experience and has only further incited my desire to help the bears, and animals in general.

If you want to participate in events run by Animals Asia, please check out their Facebook page, Animals Asia UK events.

All my love



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