Traveller – Writer – Gemini

Hi, I’m Kayleigh, I live in Kent and I’m 28 years old! For as long as I can remember, I’ve fancied myself as a mixture of James Bond, Xena Warrior Princess, Indiana Jones and Lara Croft! I’ve had the travel bug since childhood but as an adult, it’s become a full-blown addiction.

As we all have, I’ve lost time to my own laziness and malaise as well as to necessary day-to-day responsibilities. Feeling restless and painfully aware that I didn’t always utilise my time, I came up with the concept of the ‘Adventure List.’ It’s like a bucket list but less morbid. I decided that I would write down EVERYTHING that I had ever wanted to do and aim to tick off at least one item from the list per month.

Naturally, it’s not always possible to disappear to Africa for a Safari on a whim or to jump in a car and travel America by road just like that, so I decided to include minor goals and dreams too, like a pole fitness class or learning to make my own pizza. The ‘Adventure List’ keeps me focused on what I believe is the most important thing in life: Happiness, adventure, fulfilling your potential and chasing after your dreams.

As children our dreams are at the forefront of our minds. As adults, they start to become murky and disappear. I hope that I can inspire my readers to pursue their own adventures and perhaps even assist if you find that your adventures and dreams are similar to my own! I’ve explored 30 countries including Thailand, Italy, Indonesia, America and Mexico and I aim to see many more!

All my love